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an artist, creator, performer, and psychic medium. Her spiritual guidance provides insight, clarity, and healing on core levels to her clients and students. Embracing her multidimensional and diverse ancestral bloodlines, Marcella offers a safe container for those ready to explore the liminal and do the deep work, either in private sessions or in the sacred sanctuary of learning, ceremony, or ritual. Through these mediums, she offers others the illumination of their gifts, life purpose, and clarity on what strengths or stumbling blocks may be available for support. Diving deep into past lives, ancestral ties, and even galactic connections through a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, Tarot, and oracle cards are just some of the ways Marcella can connect and guide you along your journey. Guideship is the unique gift she has to offer you, as you are the sole leader of your Earthwalk